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Saltwater Aquarium LED Lighting 120w Fish Tank Light

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SKU: CA-A1120W
Power: 120W LED Aquarium Light
Size: 400x212x62mm
LEDs Wavelength: Blue:White
Input Voltage : AC85~265V
Warranty: 36 months warranty


Saltwater aquarium led lightung 120w fish tank light

Size(mm): 400x212x62mm
Power(watt): 120W(112x1W)
Lumens(Lm): 4200 Lm
LEDs Color: Blue:White
Approved: CE & RoHs
Warranty: 3 years
Replace to: Equal to 400-500w HPS/MH,save 80% power consumption
Lifespan(hrs): 50,000 Hours
Input voltage(V): AC 85V-265V
Input current(A): 0.4/0.2A
Work  frequency(Hz): 50/60 Hz
Cooling fans: Built-in 3 cooling fans, unique heat sink
Feature: Plug N Play, Lowest heat emit, Energy saving, Environment-friendly, Built-in hanging hardware, easy to set up in minutes
Package Includes: 1x 120w LED aquarium light, 1x Power Cord, 1x Hanging Kit

Product Discription

Full spectrum:  Blue: 475nm + 430nm, White: 4500K

Aquarium lighting can be very confusing for many novice fish keepers, there are many different types of bulbs or set ups to choose from and to make things even worse the actual choice of tubes to fit into the units can vary dependant on which livestock that you are keeping. The lighting can be very important for many aquariums; corals in a reef aquarium require the brightest of lighting, as the actual corals are usually light dependant. Lighting in the aquarium is not just a tool that allows us to observe our aquarium and the inhabitants, it is also required to aid plant growth with photosynthesis and some species of fish prefer bright lighting to be at their best. Many species of fish prefer subdued lighting so this is why there is such a large choice of lighting available to us.

LED systems are also entering into this hobby and are a lot cheaper to run that all of the other systems, there is a drawback though, they are still very costly to purchase from new. This system does not use tubes but has rows of LED bulbs that perform the same function(ie 120W LED aquarium lights).

When selecting your lighting always check the amount of lighting that is required to illuminate the water volume in your tank and never use less than is advised, remember that this can be affected by the depth of the tank as well. Always use timers to run your lighting system and never leave the lighting on for too long as this can also encourage algal growth in the aquarium.

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Works great looks great! Review by J Lehr
Works great looks great! (Posted on 6/22/17)
would definitely use this seller again. Review by G.Tynes
would definitely use this seller again. (Posted on 2/5/15)
These lights are amazing Review by Furneaux
These lights are amazing, I would highly recommend them. My soft corals are doing
Fabulous I also have two clams that are open more now then when I was using Saltwater Aquarium LED Lighting. (Posted on 5/13/14)
120w aquarium led light for fish tank Review by newell
Seems to be a well made product so far. The fan is a bit noisy. Hopefully that doesn't mean it's failing. Quick shipping. 4 stars. (Posted on 6/20/13)

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