Best LED Grow Lights For Sale In Canada.


Why choose
There are many advantages to choosing over HID or other LED companies. LED grow lights run much cooler than HID lights by using less power to produce the same light footprint. also come with the best warranty in the grow light industry. Check out the information on our limited lifetime warranty and find out for yourself.
Another advantage of over HID and other LED companies is that LED lights will help you grow healthier, more disease-resistant plants. This is due to our unique combination of 15 different spectrums, as well as our use of some of the most powerful individual LEDs available.
We at LED see growing as a lifestyle, not just a hobby. For growth of all types of plants from food to medicine, provides the highest quality lights in the most reliable package on the market today.





Why are LED grow lights more expensive than some other LED lights?
All indoor growers now have a choice to make: whether to skip up-front costs and deal with higher long-term expenses, or to pay more up front for the highest quality, most advanced grow light on the market and save money in the long run. LED lights start with the best LEDs available. Most of these cost 2 to 3 dollars each, and some cost up to 10 dollars each. Many companies use LEDs that cost 10 to 20 cents each. The difference in price means that LED lights use diodes with true 3watt chips with an ideal beam angle to achieve a large footprint and superior canopy penetration. LED lights also distinguish themselves from other lights by using quiet ball-bearing fans in every unit, solid aluminum heat sinks, and full-metal housings. All things considered, it is  easy to see why LED lights last longer and grow healthier, stronger plants than any other grow lights.

What is the best beam angle to use?
What is beam angle? Many people are confused by the idea of beam angle and how it can affect plant growth. Let’s start by defining the term for those who don’t understand it. Within each individual diode (LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode) is a reflective, cone-shaped lens that can be angled at any point from 30° to 180°. Beam angle refers to the angle of the light that passes through this reflective lens. It is important because it determines the intensity of light reaching the plant.
Each diode in every LED grow light uses a 120° lens, which is the best angle to balance footprint and light intensity. Many other companies sacrifice the footprint in order to achieve better canopy penetration by using a 60° or 90° lens; this is often the only option with weaker LEDs. When you purchase a light, however, you are buying the most powerful true 3 watt chips, so you can use a more oblique angle to create a generous footprint while still maintaining superior canopy penetration.


Can i custom my special color/ratio/wavelength led grow lights?
Yes! Welcome customized your special led grow lights, and no Minimum order quantity, 1~2 unit is acceptable. If you need this service, just send Email to [email protected] tell us your require.