Best LED Grow Lights For Sale In Canada.
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DIY LED Lights

DIY LED Lights = Design It Yourself LED Lights

We offer the Customized service (DIY led light), you can diy led grow lights or diy led aquarium lights wavelength and ratio of led color, to make your own led light uniquely and most suitable help your plants growth.

How to make the Custom LED light?

For example, If you want the 90w ufo led grow light, but without your needed exact configuration on our website, so you can email us to [email protected] about the DIY led light service and tell us the below requirement:

1. Your customized lamps' configuration and power, if possible attached with a relative or similar product's link to us

2. Your required LED's wavelength, colors and ratio of different colors. Like 70% red, 20% Blue, 10% Orange.

3. Your order quantity, we will not require the Mininum order quantity, so 1 unit customized led lamp would be accepted.

We will reply to you and offer our suggestion as soon as possible Once we receive your customized service Email.