First of all, a very important tip. Keep it small!

Tending to your plants takes a lot of time and dedication. Whether you’re in it just for the kicks or not, don’t put more than ten in a single room. It’ll save you in terms of workload, fertilizer and electricity. That means less strain on your initial budget and more time to do the things that matter. Lots of novice growers bite off more than they can chew and in the end it costs them a truckload of money. In the worst cases it cost them a visit to a judge. Keep it small and simple. You’ll have much more fun.

Below is a shopping list of the most important growing essentials you need to start up your grow op. Before you set out to buy them, find out where to get them, save up and get them all in one go. Compare prices. Your budget is important.

In this post we will discuss what you’ll need for building a basic grow op. Even a small budget is a budget all together. To get yourself going you’ll have to visit various shops around town: a hardware store, a garden store or online stores to get those pot growing essentials, before you actually start growing your own cannabis.

The bare marijuana growing essentials for a small set up are as follows:
– Good and strong light source suitable for indoor growing. You can get the cheapest if you want, but make sure it is a lamp suited for growing any type of plants. If you need an extension cord, get one with a thick cord, so it can handle the wattage. Highly recommended led grow light.
– Carbon filter and tube ventilator. These will keep the plants odor hidden and will stabilize the temperature. Make this buy according to your needs. Take into account the distance to any of your neighbors and the amount of plants you want to grow.
– Timer to automatically switch the lights on and off. You need to simulate the day and night cycle at will. Make sure the maximum wattage for the switch is well above the total wattage of all your lights.
– Cotton wool or tissues, a small dish and some plastic wrap from your kitchen (you should have these lying around in your house).
– External use thermometer. Get one for outdoor use. It tells you the highs and lows so you can monitor the weather and control it inside the grow room according to your necessities.
– Small pots (about the size of your fist) for every plant you intend to grow, preferable made out of plastic and in a dark color. These won’t dry out as fast and will absorb a bit more heat.
– Big pots (about 7 liter capacity), same as the above. Also buy matching trays to prevent leaking.
– Soil. Basic soil bag for potted plants will do fine in the beginning.
– Bamboo sticks for garden use. These will help you maintain the vertical shape of the weed when the buds will be pulling the branches down. Use thin rope for tying
– Watering-can. Al least a 10 liters one. Otherwise you’ll be mixing up the fertilizer several times over during one watering spree.
– Spray-bottle to spray the leafs with water. You will be loved by your pot plants for doing this and they’ll reward you. Easily available at any gardening store.
– Simple fan. A desk type fan will suffice.
– Liquid fertilizer from your local garden store. Any can no matter what brand as long as it has the famous “7-5-6” proportion of 7% nitrogen (N), 5% Phosphate (P2O5), 6% Potash (K2O).
– Thick dark plastic sheet to prevent the light from going out of the room.
– A roll of duct tape. Essential on any shopping list.
– Cannabis seeds or seedlings. You’ll want to love them, pamper them and most of all feed every other day at least.

Most of the growing essentials in the above list you can find in any garden store or DIY shop. The first few though, might be available only at a specialized hydroponics store. The lights and ventilation system the most important growing essentials of your biosphere experiment. Think of it as the Heart and lungs of the tiny ecosystem you are creating in your home. Truth be told, they are also the costlier items of the bunch, but without them you won’t grow anything. Also keep in mind that they weigh quite a bit and you need to suspend or place them in an optimal position. It’s hard to give advice on this without having a full grasp of your situation. Take it easy and make a good plan.

Now that you got your marijuana growing essentials shopping list, do you feel excited? If yes, let’s go shopping – click here for everything you need to get started.